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Concrete Scanning/ Ground Penetrating Radar Service (GPR)

Technology allows our personnel to work quickly effectively and accurately in real time. Unlike X-Ray Technology our concrete scanning equipment can locate targets and their depths safely, without the need to vacate the job site. GPR is not radioactive and we can work safely around construction trade workers on the job site.


We Locate

  • Post Tension Cables 

  • Rebar 

  • Slab Thickness 

  • Conduits


Embedded In

  • Slabs 

  • Walls 

  • Balconies 

  • Columns 

  • Parking Structure 


Advantages of GPR 

  • Results produced immediately 

  • Safe one side access 

  • FCC Approved 

  • Portable Lightweight equipment 

  • Not Radioactive 

If an unlicensed contractor has done work with no permit or proper inspections.  GPR can supply proof of re-bar, ties, loops, steel and depth of concrete meet the city inspector and engineers specification to save your project.

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